We have made the decision to close our store to the public as of Sunday March 22. Although this decision was difficult, we believe it is the right thing to do in light of the spread of this virus.
Carmen, Jessie and Franki will be taking turns in the store in order to continue serving our wonderful clients by offering curb-side pick up, fulfilling mail orders and answering the phones and emails.
If you need to be fitted for safety equipment during this closure, call us to book a private appointment.
We appreciate the support from you guys over the last couple of weeks! Wishing everyone health and happiness through these strange times.

We are located at 11181 Woodbine Ave, Markham On
Reminder to please make an appointment with Carmen for all saddle returns, trials, and inquiries and custom boot fittings!
Please note that not everything listed on website is currently in stock at the store

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Recovery EQ - 1kg Recovery EQ - 5kg Recovery EQ Extra Strength - 1kg
Recovery EQ - 1kg
Our Price : $79.99
Recovery EQ - 5kg
Our Price : $349.00
Recovery EQ Extra Strength - 5kg Farrier's Formula Equine Choice Prebiotic and Probiotic Paste
Recovery EQ Extra Strength - 5kg
Our Price : $389.00

Farrier's Formula
Our Price : $85.95
Equine Choice Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement 1.7kg Equine Choice Prebiotic and Probiotic Supplement Simmirdown - Herbs for Horses
Serenity - Herbs for Horses MagVet - Natural Magnesium Tri-Acta H.A
MagVet - Natural Magnesium
Our Price : $72.95
Tri-Acta H.A
Our Price : $119.95
ZenA-min PowerHorse Airwaves - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $55.00
Our Price : $69.95
Airwaves - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Biotic 8- Omega Alpha Chill - Omega Alpha Chill Ultra Paste- Omega Alpha
Biotic 8- Omega Alpha
Our Price : $45.50
Chill - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Gastra FX - Omega Alpha Herba Coff - Omega Alpha Kidney Flush - Omega Alpha
Gastra FX - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Herba Coff - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Kidney Flush - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Lung Flush - Omega Alpha Respi- Free - Omega Alpha Peak Performance Mineralade
Lung Flush - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Respi- Free - Omega Alpha
Our Price : $44.50
Life Data Farrier's Formula Double Strength Cocosoya Oil Mad Barn Omenity Pellets 5KG
Cocosoya Oil
Our Price : $38.95
Mad Barn W-3 Oil 4L Mad Barn Visceral+ 2.5KG Mad Barn Visceral+ 5KG
Mad Barn W-3 Oil 4L
Our Price : $44.95
Mad Barn Visceral+ 2.5KG
Our Price : $89.98
Mad Barn Visceral+ 5KG
Our Price : $169.98
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